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South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit

BREAKING NEWS about SC Gun Law Legislation
It's bill in process for teachers and other school employees to carry concealed firearms in school. Rep. Phillip Lowe, who pre-filed the bill this week, said Wednesday that schools are vulnerableā€¦ if the school comes under attackā€¦ "By having a weapon, we may be able to limit the carnage in an incident," the Florence Republican told The Associated Press. "You've got to have it so people don't know who's carrying a weapon that anyone and everyone could be."
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Our goal is to provide law abiding citizens with professional training in the safe and proficient handling of firearms in order to convey to each person the confidence to protect themselves and their families.

NRA and Sled InstructorScorpion Security Solutions, LLC offers South Carolina and Florida CWP classes. Our CWP classes are open to any applicants in South Carolina and Florida regardless of gender, race or religious beliefs. Scorpion Security Solutions, LLC instructors are Equal opportunity NRA and SLED certified instructors, as long as the applicant is legally and lawfully permitted to possess and own a firearm. We specialize in women's and couples beginner gun safety programs which are "certified" by the NRA.

Our South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits classes are certified "approved" by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, known to all as SLED. Your training is based and conducted by NRA Certified instructors using the NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting. Whether you're a novice or experienced shooter we can refine your needs and provide personal instruction to help you become confident in your abilities, equipment and training. More importantly the comfort level you achieve will directly impact your shooting skills, knowledge, attitude and confidence to carry your concealed firearm.

CWP Classes

South Carolina CWPWhy do South Carolinians and other states consider obtaining contiguous state CWP permits? We can help you obtain your Florida or South Carolina CWP permit.
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Gun Safety

Legal permit to carry a gun SCScorpion Security Solutions, in particular Damon Gooch has indoctrinated safety programs for more than 40 years. He integrates safety programs into daily life, it's not just about firearms. He's concerned about you and your family.
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